December, 2009 - Christmas Wish List...

Chris was recently featured in an article in The LA Examiner about his holiday wish list. A link to the article is here.

He doesn't really expect to get any of the items except the Ducati...let's make it happen folks.

October, 2009 -
Hear Chris Speak...

He has the voice of an angel.

Chris was (kindly) invited to share his thoughts on triathlon on the The Simon Gowen Triathlon Show--not once, but twice! Apparantly Simon didn't learn his lesson the first time, so Chris was interviewed on September 3rd AND October 8th (Chris starts about halfway in). In the first interview, Chris rambles on about his life, pro life, and even Thug Life. In the second, he just gives a quick recap of his suweet performance at the LA Triathlon this year.

Next time Chris is on, he will be singing an acapella version of Sweet Child O' Mine if time permits.

June, 2009 - 3-Peat in San Diego!!

After two come-from-behind victories at the San Diego Triathlon in 2007 and 2008, Chris again made the brutal two hour trip to the town that Ron Burgundy once called home.

Race morning saw conditions that have plagued San Diegans for years--mild, calm, gorgeous. However, once the gun went off, the water was filled with violence and some super fast swimming. Chris kept his head together and was able to have his best swim yet, exiting less than a minute behind the fishlike leader. Not wanting to have another nail-biting finish, Chris hammered the bike (his new KHS, no less) and entered T2 with the 3rd fastest bike of the day and found himself (again) in second place trying to (again) chase down Ironman Champion Luke Bell.

Using the technique that had won him two previous San Diego titles (the technical term is the "All-out-panic-run"), Chris was able to catch Bell at almost the exact same spot as in 2008. Chris cruised in for his third win in San Diego and the fastest time in online record for the course!

Another win, another big novelty check for the back of the station wagon!

May, 2009 - Successful Back to Back Weekends of Racing

After traveling to South America twice in March, back to Mexico in April (8th place at Mazatlan ITU Cup), Chris realized that there were races actually taking place in the country he lives, so he pointed his plane (ticket) east and headed out to the Columbia Triathlon in Columbia, Maryland. Braving some very un-South American-like conditions (rainy and cold), Chris was able to stay competitive in a tough field that included a World Champion and finish 4th overall--enough for a very satisfying payday.

Upon finishing the race on Sunday, Chris rushed home to LA just in time to unpack and repack his bike and head south for Mexico (again). Nursing some very sore body parts and forgetting in the rush his Lucky Race Sombrero, Chris headed down to Ixtapa, Mexico to compete in the Ixtapa ITU Continental Cup. In stark contrast to the race in Maryland, Ixtapa had temperatures hitting the 100 degree mark and high humidity.

Chris was most likely too tired to notice from the previous weekend's effort, and was able to have a great swim, cut through various bike packs, and hurdle over the bodies of many heat stroke-d competitors for a strong 5th place finish.

At the conclusion of this race, Chris is now ranked 9th American and top 90 in the world on the ITU points list!

What ridiculous place will Chris show up to race in next?!


March, 2009 - Biggest Win Yet!
In the past month, Chris has been spending quite a bit of time in South America, heading to Ecuador for his first water-duathlon (triathlon) of the season at the Playas (as in Spanish for "beach", not as in "playa' hatin'") ITU Continental Cup. After an ok race in Ecuador (15th), Chris only had two weeks before his next race--one country down--in Lima, Peru.

Rather than sending his luggage ahead to Lima via Alpaca, Chris returned home to train, rework some things that had gone wrong, and brush up a little more on his Spanish. Upon returning to Lima (riding a wild mustang, it is told), Chris had an incredibly impressive race.

Exiting the water less than a minute from the lead pack, he was able to do a huge amount of the work to catch the leaders halfway through the speedbump-infested course. Upon making a small, but decisive break with a few miles to go, Chris came into T2 leading the race! Despite being confused as to why there were no bikes in the transition area, Chris adapted to the new and disorienting situation and had a great run--breaking the tape almost a minute ahead of second place Felipe Van de Wyngard (currently ranked 32nd in the World!).

This exciting result is certainly a credit to Chris' sponsors (scroll to the bottom of the page, look left, click on every link, and buy everything they sell) and his coaches Bernard Baski and Gerry Rodrigues. Without whom, Chris would probably still be on the streets begging for shillings or (at best) paying bums to race him so he can feel good about himself...sad prophesies.

Back in this reality, as of this week Chris is now ranked 6th in the United States on the PATCO points list, 11th in the US on the ITU points list, and 135th in the World!

Check out some pretty pictures below brought to you by the Media Machine--known in certain circles as the CFRMM.

And no, Chris did not get so excited on the podium that he peed himself--there was Champagne...really there was.

February, 2009 - First Win of The Season!
Chris kicked off his season with a waterless-triathlon (duathlon) out in Scottsdale this last weekend. Enjoying the opportunity to race without getting wet, Chris led the race from start to finish--missing the course record by exactly one second. Not only was he able to win by just under two minutes, Chris also had the second fastest bike split amongst a field of incredibly strong cyclists.

Turns out the young man can ride too!

February, 2009 - Pimp My Ride
Chris' bike sponsor KHS really pulled out all of the stops in 2009 with a brand new, one-off time trial bike for him to abuse. The new Flite TT can't be found in stores, kids, but rest assured it is one fast little red devil! Check out the picture below of the new hotness posing and gazing pensively out onto the Pacific Ocean.

What a babe. Stunning.


January, 2009 - Whole New Ballgame for Chris
Completely freaking out, quitting his job, walking across the country and training with a pack of wild wolves to "increase his footspeed and turnover", Chris made a few nifty New Years resolutions in 2009.

Back in reality, Chris has left his job and decided to take on Triathlon full-time. His war with Triathlon will begin in 2009 in more of a skirmish with duathlon. Chris' first race will be the Desert Classic Duathlon on February 22nd. Not reading carefully, Chris mistakenly thought he was signing up for the "Dessert Classic", which sounded delicious.

The Triathlon war will begin in earnest on March 8th, when Chris will saddle up and point his steed south of the Rio Grande and south of the equator to race in Playas, Ecuador. Should be bueno.

In the coming weeks and months, check the News Page for more frequent updates (Chris has a little more time on his hands now). In the meantime, Chris will also be updating a blog on the new TriFit Multisport Club website. Expect nothing less than breathtaking thoughts.


September, 2008 - Competitor Magazine Article with Chris!
Check out Chris' interview with Competitor magazine here

 November, 2007 - More Heavy Fallout from Racing With The Stars
Triathlete Chris was recently pictured with arch-nemesis (ha!) Ironman World Champion Chris McCormack in this month's issue of Triathlete Magazine for his win at the Malibu Triathlon. Not much can be said about this race that hasn't already been said, except that it now appears obvious that Chris is in bad need of a haircut. No surprise there. Click here to view the article.


 Donate to The Prostate Cancer  Foundation and See Chris Race -  Cancelled
Chris was recently invited to compete in the VeloDeux Indoor Duathlon in December at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA. The format for this event will be a 5k bike on the banked track followed by 1 mile on the infield. Only 16 men and 16 will be competing, and they will race in heats of four until there are only four left standing for the finals.

Since the mile was Chris' event indoors at Penn State, it should prove to be quite the show. The race will be free to spectators and will start at 12pm for the heats, 4pm for the semis, and finals will be at 5:30.

Be sure to bring your rally caps and your oversized foam fingers!

As this race is to support the Prostate Cancer Foundation, please help Chris raise money by donating at this link. His goal is raise over $1,500!

 September 16, 2007 - Fast Times and Blazing Competition in
 The 'Bu

Always being the brave trooper that he is, Chris once again put his life on the line for the love of sport and raced in one of the most dangerous areas in the world: Malibu.  Once again, unrelentingly cruel weather conditions (65 degrees, windless, calm surf) made it a real battle to survive.  
All of that aside, World Champion and multiple Ironman winner Chris "Macca" McCormack made the trip out to Malibu to race in what ended up being a very strong pro field.  After exiting the water at the head of the front pack with McCormack, Chris headed onto the bike only a little behind the leaders out of transition.  At the turnaround, Chris had made up time and was right with McCormack and Brazilian pro Fabio Carvalho (as well as an unusual amount of moto TV cameras).  Losing a little bit of time in transition, Chris caught back up to the pair at the 1 mile mark.  Soon after, Carvalho dropped off the pace, leaving McCormack and Chris alone (except for a low-flying news helicopter following their every move).  With one mile to go, Chris showed his hand and put on a miler-like acceleration. The jump seemed to work, and Chris broke the tape in first place to a cheering Malibu crowd.
So now he's got that going for him.  Which is nice.

Chris was mentioned in Inside Triathlon and Triathlete Magazine.



 September 9, 2007 - In the City...The City of LA
Chris had yet another long, grueling trip in order to get to the starting line for the LA Triathlon. After rolling out of bed while most of the other pros were drinking Slim Fast on the 4:30AM shuttle from downtown, Chris slowly wandered down to the beach start four blocks from his apartment. The toughest part of Chris’ trip was being sure not to snap an ankle on the 40s still rolling around on the boardwalk. Exiting the swim mid-pack, Chris cranked through the bike course that ran through gorgeous Hollywood. Cheered on by a hometown crowd of mostly confused junkies and hungover, out of work actors, Chris ran his way to a second-best 10k time of the day (31:40). As the 2nd American across the line, Chris finished 9th out of roughly 3,000 racers. Chris was mentioned in the Daily News and the next day in numerous street performers’ monologues.



June 26, 2007 - Stayin' Classy In San Diego
Braving notoriously San-Diegan conditions--pleasant water, zero wind, perfect temperatures--Chris rose above the challenges of this haggard climate to take first place at the San Diego International Triathlon. Chris fared very well against a good pro field, staying focused even in the face of Michellie Jones' mind-numbing pink kit. Passing runner-up Michael Simpson in only the last half mile, Chris clocked a race-best 30:53 10k split. Chris' overall time gives him the 3rd fastest time ever on the course. High fives all around. Chris was also mentioned in articles in the San Diego Union-Tribune
and the North County Times.

 San Diego

 May 12, 2007 - Chris Is Now Officially Ranked.
Chris is now ranked on the ITU International points list and PATCO ITU points list. 

 May 4, 2007 - Accelerade Is Here!
Look for Chris on the new Accelerade bottles and powder containers. Click here  to see Zoolander in action.

 April 29, 2007 - Chris Wins PossAbilities Tri!
After word got out about a big prize purse in Loma Linda a good number of pros  en route to Wildflower showed up to play. Chris proved the ole' adage true,  "Swim for show, run for dough." Below is Chris showing off his 'Happy Gilmore'  check.
  Possabilities you think this will fit through the bank teller's window?

 April 22, 2007 - Chris Wins Local Sprint Tri
Click here to read the Daily Pilot article about the race.


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